Meet Our Team

Four Husbands, Fathers, and Dedicated Crafters

Taylor Morris

Patriot Design LLC

Marketing & Websites
Vcarve & Aspire
Adobe Illustrator Editing

Drew Wood

American South Design

2D & 3D Engraving
Easel, Vcarve & Aspire
Lightburn & CO2 Lasers
Painting Tips

Mike Marshall

Marshall CNC

Vcarve Pro & Aspire
EZCad (Fiber lasers)
CO2 laser

Nick Steimel

Steimel Originals

CAD Design and Software
Diode Lasers
Custom Designs
File Editing


Our Motivation

The motivation behind the Patriot Nation was for the four of us to come together and build a user friendly site to showcase our files and to help the small makers that use them to network and be successful. We all run independent shops and are skilled with various CNC and laser machines. Our files have been used for CNC, Laser, Apparel, and more. We are dedicated to constantly improving our content and quality as well as advocating for our members when and where we can.


“Our mission is to Help small businesses and hobbyist makers Succeed through A Membership platform That provides Great Ideas, Content, And Customer Service.”

Values we're Built on


Member Support

We are well versed in several CNC and laser software programs and are dedicated to helping your business grow.


Quality Content

We want you to be successful! We use these files for our own CNC and laser products - we do our best to provide content that will sell!


Constantly improving

We never stop looking to improve our content, quality, and functionality of our site. Let us know what you'd like to see added!

Building Community

a platform built for Patriotic Crafters

Patriot Nation was built entirely for the pro American crafting community like ourselves. Proudly display your products and show them off in our member’s gallery! Network with others and sell your products through our interactive map. We are here to help foster and grow the this community. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements contact us!

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